Fine Arts night adds color to JC

Senior Susie Snee models a newspaper dress for senior Emma Minniss senior project.

Senior Susie Snee models a newspaper dress for senior Emma Minnis’s senior project.

Hope Kelly, Managing Editor

On May 16, JC held its annual Fine Arts night to display the works of students and recognize their achievements in Fine Arts.

According to Fine Arts Department Chair Bruno Baran, the major purpose of the night is to “showcase the [artistic]talent in the school.” With over half the school involved in Fine Arts, this is an opportunity for artists, painters, photographers, singers, musicians, and writers to display their abilities. Many students won awards and were recognized officially for their achievements.

Junior Erika Lipford was one student who participated in Fine Arts night displaying a charcoal piece, various sketches, and some oil paintings. According to Lipford, she is most proud of her still life in oil.

Overall, Baran said that he thought the night “went quite well” despite the lack of teacher and faculty support.

“We had a nice crowd, but I wish more teachers and staff would of showed,” Baran said.

In addition to the artwork, photos, and other displays, senior Sierra Ficca organized her senior project around Fine Arts Night by organizing, producing, and managing a variety of acts in the auditorium throughout the night.

Junior Catey Minnis, who also won best in show for her painting, sang two duets with senior Connor McDermott for Ficca’s show. McDermott played guitar while both he and Minnis harmonized together to sing both songs.

Seniors Claire Zurkowski and Joe Novak also performed a dance in the show that was, according to Baran, “a hoot.”

Another top performance of the night was Sophomore Brady Fritz’s guitar comedy. Baran described his act as “dry, sophisticated, and hysterical.”

Baran found the senior project to fit perfectly with the purpose of Fine Arts night as it showcased unknown talents. He remarked that it was “surprising” to not only find some people that could sing, but  could “sing well.”

According to Minnis, “I thought Fine Arts night was a perfect display of the many talents JC students have, and it was really special because you don’t get to see those talents often.”


The following students won awards for their artwork at Fine Arts Night.

Introduction to Drawing and Painting

First Place – Kate Runsor

Second Place – Fiona van Steur

Third Place – Katherine Sullivan

Honorable Mentions – Lauren Brulinski, Eleanor Cohen, Michael Imbierowicz, Merina Novak

Sunny Zhou, Kelly Foulk, Erika D’Anna, and Lyer Tompson

Studio I and II

First Place – Dresden Boulden

Second Place – Julia Mroweic

Third Place – Nicole Iorio

Honorable Mentions – Rawling, Annelise Lang, Kyleigh Daiker, Nikki Ishak, Charlotte Molali, David Knaide, Ho-Jin Hong, and Marshall Hauptman

Studio III and IV and AP

First Place – Claire Zurkowski

Second Place – Adrian Baker

Third Place – Emily Hennegan

Honorable Mentions – Julia Lindemon, Emily Goheen, Taylor Hoch, Margaret McGuirk, Brynly Wilson, Emily Street, Katlyn Cypher, and Christine Kim

Best in Show

Painting – Catey Minnis

Drawing – Madison Meyer

Photography – Bethany Boniface

Ceramics – Morgan Jones

The following students won awards for their photography at Fine Arts Night.

Beginning Photo

First Place – Nick Drulinger

Second Place – Jane Hagan

Third Place – Alexis Astle

Honorable Mentions – Philip Venanzi, Molly Exter, McKenna McFadden, Noel Correll, Noel Correll, Erin Sullican, Rosemary Sedney, Olivia Stewart, Grayce Moran, Camille Smith, and Alannah Goheen

Advances Photo Collage

First Place – Clark Rich

Second Place – Emily Patrick

Third Place – Andrea Roche

Honorable Mentions – Emma Imbierowicz, Tasha Scotto Di Carol, and Ashely Crane

Digital Photo

First Place – Katelyn Wolf

Second Place – Katherine Flanigan

Third Place – Amanda Spaeth

Honorable Mentions – Julia Lee, Vanilla Tong, and Megan Brulinski

Advanced Photo

Best in Show – Bethany Boniface

First Place – Bethany Boniface

Second Place – Emily Patrick

Third Place – Paige Tyler

Honorable Mentions – Emma Imbierowicz, Amanda Spaeth, Ashely Rain, Andrea Roche, Ashely Crane, Katelyn Wolf, Chantae Simms, and Megan Brulinski

Hope Kelly is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and