Confections with Cassidy: Brownie Mug


Correction: It was brought to the attention of our staff that this recipe originated from food blogger Elise Bauer at You can find Bauer’s recipe here.

This may be the most dangerous recipe I have ever made. It takes less than five minutes to make, and it’s immediately gratifying. The best part of this recipe is that you will most likely have all of the ingredients in your pantry. If you don’t have cocoa powder on hand, you can easily substitute it with some instant hot cocoa powder.

1/4 cup flour

1/4 cup sugar

2 Tbsp. cocoa powder

Pinch of salt

Tiny pinch of cinnamon

1/4 cup water

2 Tbsp. canola oil or vegetable oil (be sure not to use extra virgin olive oil, it makes it super runny and icky)

1 to 2 drops vanilla extract Brownie MugEDITED


1 Place flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, and cinnamon in a microwave-safe ceramic mug. Stir with a fork or spoon to mix well and break up any clumps.

2 Add the oil, water, and vanilla to the cup and stir until the mixture is smooth and there are no lumps.

3 Place in microwave and heat on high until the mixture is cooked through, about a one minute and 40 seconds for a 1000 watt microwave. You may have to experiment and adjust the time for less or more powerful microwaves. If you don’t know the power level on your microwave, start with 60 seconds and increase until the brownie is done. It should still be moist when cooked through, not dry.

​4. Top with some super yummy ice cream or whipped cream.

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