iReview: It’s time to hop into Timehop

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My phone vibrates. A push notification. I look. My face promptly turns 50 shades of red. There’s nothing like my phone reminding me how awkward my 13-year-old self was.

Timehop is a social media time machine, connecting to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, iPhoto, Dropbox Photos, and iPhone Camera to show you your posts from the past. Every day, Timehop shows its viewers what they posted on social media on that same day in previous years.

If you’re like me and you either find yourself the most hilarious person on social media, or you love the awkwardness of those middle school years, this free app from the App Store will quickly hop into your daily routine.

Not only is this app a reminder of how awesome – or terrible – your past self was, but it also allows you to share the past social media post once more on your social media account of choice.

I first heard of Timehop from seeing posts on Twitter that said “Two years ago and still feel the same way,” or “Remember when…” followed by a Timehop image of the old post.

Upon joining the Timehop community, I couldn’t wait to resurrect the posts of my uncomfortable middle school years. Sharing them, laughing at myself along the way, makes it even better. But I am also reminded of posts without any embarrassment, causing me to reminisce.

I’m not always the most active on social media, but Timehop has actually motivated me to post more, just so that I’ll have something to look forward to in a year.

Unfortunately, due to my infrequent posting in past years, there are many days when I see the message “No activities found.” However, Timehop does not remain empty on those days. Today, for example, Timehop told me that “four years ago today, Queen Elizabeth II joined Facebook.” Every day there is new information waiting for me.

Perhaps the best part of the app, though, is its symbol: a precious, little dinosaur. On the settings screen of the app, upon scrolling up, you’re greeted by the loveable little guy doing a dance.

If you don’t download the app for the memories, download it for the dinosaur. I guarantee it’ll brighten your day.

Lauren Glase is the Media Chief for The Patriot and