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Smoothies mask added nutrients of superfoods

April 16, 2015


Erica Kelble

Media Chief Lauren Glase discusses the value of smoothies in one’s diet. She lists specific foods that are must haves for the perfect smoothie and provides recipes.

The best kinds of food are the kinds that are healthy, but still taste like dessert. Smoothies are sweet, easy to make, full of nutrients, and perfect for warm spring days.

The beauty of smoothies is their multitude of options. The flavor is whatever you want it to be and the nutrition is whatever you feel that you need.

Smoothies may taste fruity, but there is much more to them. They can easily hide the taste of vegetables. The taste is masked by fruit, but the nutrients are still there.

Smoothies are a superfood: versatile, healthy, and delicious. It’s time to whip out your blender. Here is your guide to making the smoothie that’s perfect for you.

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