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Nick Tunes: Lana Del Rey goes on the saddest “Honeymoon” ever

A&E Editor Nick Miller breaks down new albums track by track, picking each song apart down to its smallest flaws. “Nick Tunes” informs the reader of their poor music taste by pointing out which songs are and aren’t worth listening to.

October 6, 2015


Above is the cover art for Lana Del Rey’s album ‘Honeymoon.’ The album was released on Sept. 18.

Lana Del Rey: “Honeymoon”

Rating: 4/5

Over the summer, I became a huge fan of Lana Del Rey. I listened to her first two albums, “Born to Die” and “Ultraviolence,” on repeat while I was working. Her style has a heavy beat that you can get into, but it’s still chill enough so that you can focus.

Del Rey released her third album, “Honeymoon,” on Sept. 18. Generally, when you think about a honeymoon you think happy thoughts. Not for Del Rey, though. I was expecting a happier take on her style, and what I got was the most emo album I’ve ever heard. It feels like it’s just being sad for absolutely no reason. There are, however, a handful of songs I adore, which make up for the rest of the songs, which are average at best. Maybe I would like “Honeymoon” more if I hated myself.

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