Movie of the Month: “Batman vs. Superman” soars into our hearts

Each month a member of the Patriot Staff picks a movie to review. Read and decide whether or not it is worth seeing for yourself.


For the past year, the world has waited for the battle between the two greatest superheroes: Batman and Superman. Community Editor Azanae Barrow gives her opinion on the new film “Batman v. Superman”

For the past year, the world has waited for the battle between the two greatest superheroes: Batman and Superman. Trailers shown on TV amped up the movie while little kids walking down the street sported red capes and black masks. After waiting and anticipating, I can honestly say “Batman vs. Superman” was the most mind-blowing film I’ve seen in a long time.

Personally, I am a Superman fan. Whether that’s based on the fact that the gorgeous Henry Cavill plays Superman, I don’t know. I do know that I went into the movie thinking that this movie was going to be all about Superman and Batman battling to the death, but I was completely incorrect.

The movie starts by telling the story of a Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, as a child. It shows his struggles growing up without parents and how he came to be known in the world as Batman. Then it immediately switches over to where Superman ended in his last movie “Man of Steel.” The entire movie is a continuation of Superman’s plan to save Metropolis.

I was a little confused based on some of the new characters they placed in the movie but I eventually caught on.

“Batman vs. Superman” had a surprise around every corner. You think that the bad guys have been caught or murdered but then you realize it was all a cover up. The real mastermind was five steps ahead of everyone else, watching them fail at finding out who the real villain his.

The soundtrack was quite simply stunning. The orchestra really captured the way the characters felt when they were in mourning and fit perfectly with the intense action scenes. The fight scenes were more action-packed than usual considering the top two superheroes were battling to the death to claim their rightful place in the eyes of the public.

There were a few cheesy scenes were you could tell a computer engineer really edited the heck out of the aliens walking around town. Other than the unusual looking lifeforms, the special effects were incredible. I could tell the talented people behind this film really wanted to make this film one for the books.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was a subtle yet fantastic way of pushing DC’s next movie, which will be released on November 17, 2017, about the Justice League. (For those who aren’t up to date on superhero lingo, the Justice League is a group of superheroes comprised of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern).

A word of advice to anyone who wants to see this movie: I’d suggest you watch “Man of Steel” in order to understand what’s happening in this movie. The amount of confused and angry faces in the theater who “hated” it because they didn’t understand was just sheer ignorance, and utter disrespect for the diligent fans.

Azanae Barrow is a Community Editor for The Patriot and