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Food Fight: Waffle House and IHOP

February 14, 2017

Two breakfast restaurants, Waffle House and IHOP, battle it out to see which one offers the better 24 hour service.

Waffle House

Price – 5

You simply cannot beat two waffles for $4, especially when they are warm, dense, and covered in sweet maple syrup. Everything on their menu is under $11, which for the quality that you are getting, is a steal.

Variety – 4

Not only do they serve breakfast all day, but they also serve lunch with a menu full of everyone’s favorite comfort foods. They serve a variety of breakfast foods and also offer T-Bone steaks, Texas melts, and cheeseburgers on the lunch and dinner menu. They really have it all.

Cleanliness – 2.5

Waffle House may not be the cleanest restaurant, but its flaws add character to the authentic diner feel. Customers don’t go there for a five-course meal or to propose to their significant other. They go for a cheap, all-American meal, even if its cleanliness may be a little questionable.

Quality – 4.5

What more could you ask for in breakfast food than crispy bacon, pillow-soft waffles, and a piping-hot cup of strong coffee? Waffle House achieves these standards without any gimmicks. The crunch of bacon mixed with waffles provides a delicious combination. They keep it simple and stay true to what they do best: classic American cuisine.

Atmosphere – 3

There is nothing better than a Waffle House run at 2 a.m. with your best friends. Since it’s open for 24 hours, it attracts interesting people and supplies a light-hearted atmosphere that makes your meal eventful. Waffle House is a judgement-free zone, and no matter what you’re wearing or what state you may be in, nobody will even blink.

Elizabeth Harmison is a News Editor for The Patriot and

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Price- 3

IHOP tends to be on the pricey side for a 24 hour restaurant, averaging $6 for a stack of three pancakes. That’s not to say you can’t get a great meal for a reasonable price, but you truly do get a bang for your buck.

Variety- 5

With a large menu spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, IHOP has a great selection. In addition to the traditional breakfast foods, they have a variety of syrups and toppings for their pancakes and waffles. They also have a large selection of lunch sandwiches and dinner platters.

Cleanliness- 5

IHOP does an extraordinary job keeping the dining area clean and organized. Whether you’re there at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., you’ll be pleased with the cleanliness and great customer service.

Quality- 5

The sweet aroma of pancakes that meets your nose when you walk in the door matches what’s on your plate. With every bite you take of the fluffy pancakes, you’ll be satisfied with the large portions of high quality and freshly made food. Your meal will be complemented by your choice of side and hot coffee.

Atmosphere- 4

Going into IHOP, you’ll always be welcomed by the friendly and upbeat staff, as it’s open 24 hours on certain days. There is usually only a short wait, and the food always comes out in a timely matter, making your experience enjoyable. If you’re there late at night, you’ll definitely see some characters, but other than that, IHOP tends to have a casual, happy vibe.

Anna Sullivan is an Entertainment Editor for The Patriot and

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