Mixing Mediums

February 17, 2017

As student artists work to hone their talents, they discover what media best enable them to express themselves. Featured are three artists who speak about their backgrounds, favorite works they have created, and where they find inspiration.

Freshman Gabrielle Baikauskas

Baikauskas’s favorite piece depicts human connections. “The piece was a Christmas present to my parents. They were really surprised and thought that it was a picture,” Baikauskas said.

Freshman Gabrielle Baikauskas took Intro to Drawing last semester and is currently taking CAD as part of her requirements for the STEM Program. This was her first foray into formal art education. “I took my first constructive art class this year. I do art as a side-thing. I want to go into the medical field in the future. Not many jobs relate the two,” Baikauskas said.

Despite never taking an art class at school, she has been interested in art from a young age. “I have done art ever since I was little. I am pretty much self-taught, but there are a lot of artists in my family who have pushed me,” Baikauskas said.

Baikauskas’s favorite medium is charcoal. “I like the different contrasts and the way you can show light,” she said. She feels that it is the best way for her to express her artistic vision.

Her favorite piece she has created is pictured to the right. “The piece was a Christmas present to my parents. They were really surprised and thought that it was a picture,” Baikauskas said. She took her time and took several hours to complete it.

Baikauskas has been inspired by the important people in her life. “[The image] kind of came to my head. I draw what I’m feeling, and I’m really thankful that I’ve had friends and family in my life” she said.

Baikauskas uses art as a form of escapism and tries to relate human connections in her work. “I have been going through hard times with surgeries, and it shows the bonds between friends, family, and everyone,” Baikauskas said.

Sophomore Yi-Ting Zhang

Zhang’s piece titled “Left vs. Right” is a product of her imagination and artistic vision. “I found inspiration for it after we had a project in art class dealing with the differences between left and right brains,” she said.

Sophomore Yi-Ting (Christina) Zhang is currently taking Studio 2. She has a long history of art in her family and has pursued a formal, as well as an informal, art education throughout her life.

“I first learned drawing when I was four years old. I started to be interested in it right away. I learned art both in art school and by myself,” she said.

Zhang hopes to pursue art as a career and further improve her skills. “I would love to get to [a] higher level art course in the future because I want to study art in college,” she said.

Zhang found inspiration for her piece, “Left vs. Right” by considering the distinctive parts of the brain.
“The piece mainly includes my personal view on the differences of the brains. I used my own imagination and life experiences to create this piece,” Zhang said.

“Left vs. Right” is the product of a variety of mediums. “I created this piece with watercolor, colored pencils, markers, and crayons. I love to use different kinds of mediums to draw,” Zhang said. While she uses many kinds, Zhang’s favorite medium is watercolor.

Senior Delaney Link

Senior Delaney Link is a member of the AP Studio class, and she has pursued art from an early age.

The piece above is Link’s favorite. “The piece is an example of a mixed media collage with acrylic paint on cardboard. It is currently untitled,” Link said.

“I have been doing art my entire life. I went to art camps when I was little,” Link said.

Link realized the full importance of her artistic career after recent faculty changes within the Fine Arts Department.

“I have always liked art, but once Mr. Baran left, I realized how important art was in my life. Since my art classes were disrupted for a time period, I noticed what it was like to not be making art,” Link said.

Link has also expressed that she would like to continue art in the future. “I want to find some way to incorporate art into my adult life. I’m not sure how yet, though,” she said.

In her art education, Link discovered her favorite medium: mixed media. Mixed media combines various types of traditional art forms into one.

“My favorite type of art is mixed media with acrylic paints,” Link said.

Space serves as one of Link’s greatest inspirations. “Space is something that inspires me as an artist. There are so many directions and meaning that involve space. By depicting space, I am showing the limitless boundaries of my art,” she said.

Link views art as a process that heals and distracts from the harsh nature of the world.

“My pieces are concerned with escaping reality, which I do while making art,” she said.

Edward Benner is an Entertainment Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.

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