Door Dash: Practical or Too Costly?

Patriot Survey Results

Julia Williams, Patriot News Editor

Are you hungry but don’t have a way to get your favorite food?

Door Dash is the new way of getting select favorite foods delivered directly to your door. Door Dash uses your location to find restaurants in your area and deliver them to wherever you are and whenever you want.

For many students, Door Dash can be a great way to get their favorite local restaurant food delivered anywhere at any time.

Of the 168 students who responded to The Patriot’s survey, 53 percent had used Door Dash before. Out of those students, about 35 percent said that the fee was worth it; about 53 percent said the delivery fee was only sometimes worth it, and 11 percent said that it was not worth it.

Many students’ concerns and complaints with Door Dash related to the delivery fee.

Sophomore Caleb Barger said, “I do not use Door Dash due to the price.”

Some students’ complaints were with the fact Door Dash may make people lazy or unwilling to drive to get their food.

“I think people should be able to jump in the car and drive five minutes down the road for fast food, but I guess that’s just the society we live in,” senior Vonnie Lidie said.

However, many students were okay with the delivery fee and thought of Door Dash as a more positive and helpful thing.

“Door Dash is very helpful if you are in a situation where you can’t drive to the place, so someone does it for you. I choose to use it because I can’t drive. . . so I get what I want for myself,” freshman Lily Wildberger said.

Overall, Door Dash can be a great source for anyone to get food. It can be viewed as positively or negatively based on the situation but can be beneficial at some point to anyone.