Review: HGTV brings a sense of comfort to your house

Giovanni Rizzotti, Staff Writer

These days, thousands of people move across the country to new houses that they have purchased. These moves are for job opportunities, the need for a bigger house because of a new addition to the family, and numerous other reasons.
People also want to annually renovate their houses to fix things up. Have you ever wanted to get an idea of what you want for your house? Well, look no further than HGTV.
HGTV, which stands for “Home & Garden Television,” is a channel primarily based on the selling, buying, and renovation of homes. The network was launched on December 1, 1994. The shows on this channel are primarily based in areas around the United States though these shows have gone to international locations as well.
HGTV features several shows, including “House Hunters,” “Fixer Upper,” “Love It or List It,” and “Property Brothers.” These shows are all unscripted, and each episode of the shows are generally based on a family who is interested in buying, selling, or renovating their house.
By far the most famous show on the channel is “House Hunters.” “House Hunters” has been running since October 7, 1999 and has 17 seasons with 1,772 episodes. A spin-off of the show, called “House Hunters International,” first aired on February 20, 2006.
In “House Hunters,” a family who is interested in buying a new home is given three homes to choose from in the area that they select as to where they want their new home to be. A seller takes them on a tour of these houses, where the family is able to give their own opinion on the houses, and if each can fit their budget.
At the end of the show, the family selects one of the three houses, renovates it on their budget, and moves in. The very end of the show shows the family a few months after living in their new house.
HGTV is available to watch on numerous platforms. It is located on Channel 165 on Verizon Fios, Channel 229 on DirectTV, and Channel 112 on Dish. It can also be viewed on YouTube TV.
HGTV is a great way to get an idea of what you want for your home if you are looking to sell, buy, or renovate. It is easy to get lost in binge watching the channel.