Review: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ is the light-hearted film everyone needs

My Big Fat Greek Wedding tells a fun story of a young Greek woman named Toula who is trying to navigate life with her Greek loving family.

Throughout the film, Toula’s father is trying to get her to date a Greek man. Toula is over how forced Greek tradition has become so she shy’s away from dating.

Unexpectedly she meets Ian, and they date and fall in love. The problem is he isn’t Greek like her father wants.

Toula keeps the relationship a secret from her family, but her parents find out when a family friend sees them kissing in a parking lot.

Her worst fear comes true when her father is upset because Ian is not an ethnic Greek, referring to Ian as a “Xeno.”

Toula’s mother tells her to end the relationship to make her father happy.

Toula insists she loves Ian and that he is different than any guy she has been with in the past. Ian proposes and in order to please her parents, Ian converts to Greek Orthodox by being baptized in front of Toula’s entire family.

That’s when the whole Greek family joins together to plan the wedding and tests if Ian will truly survive the craziness that comes along with marrying into a Greek family.

This movie is very light-hearted with lots of silly moments that will make you laugh, such as when how Toula’s dad uses Windex on everything.

It was also interesting for me to see what other traditions different ethnic groups have. It made me want to look into the Greek lifestyle.

The movie came out in 2002, but more recently came out with the second addition to the movie in 2016. The gap between the first and second movie made viewers like myself feel nostalgic when watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

To watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you can see it for free on Xfinity on-Demand, or stream it on Hulu.

That means if you like the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you can follow up by seeing where Toula and Ian end up and if there are any new additions to the family.