Review: “Tiger King” offers viewers many twists and turns

Cameron Gibson, Staff Writer

While the world has been on lockdown, many people look to streaming services such as Netflix to offer some entertainment. This has caused a leap in viewership across all platforms and may be what led to the major success of a new docu-series on Netflix called “Tiger King.”

By now you have probably heard of “Tiger King.” It is the most successful documentary in history and has been talked about on every social media platform, but if you have not watched it yet I recommend you do so.

“Tiger King” is an eight-part docu-series with episodes taking about 45 minutes to watch. The documentary follows two main characters, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Joe is the owner of a small zoo with many tigers, and Carole is the owner of a tiger rescue organization. Throughout this series you will learn about their relationship, distain for each other, and plots to take each other down.

Throughout the series, there are many twists and turns that leave the viewer wondering what really happened. One such mystery is Carole’s involvement with the disappearance and possible murder of her first husband. The show is nonstop with moments that leave viewers coming back for answers that they often never receive.

This series has no real “good-guys” — just very, very interesting people. Other than Joe, there are many other zoo owners throughout the series who get involved in some pretty shading deals.

Overall, “Tiger King” is a intriguing series about characters who seem to be too crazy to be real people. It follows the life of an eccentric zoo owner and the woman who is tryin gto bring him down.

I found this series to be very entertaining and would suggest to give it a try if you are looking for something to watch during quarantine.