Alumni and current Patriots operate Christmas tree farm & plant nursery

Lots of work goes into bringing Christmas trees into people’s living rooms


Sydney Miller, Staff Writer

Fritz Farm and Nursery is family owned and operated by the Fritz family. The farm consists of a plant nursery and Christmas trees during the holidays. The family has two current Patriots in addition to alumni. Current students are sophomore George Fritz and freshman Connie Fritz.

The entire family works on the trees during the holidays. The trees are usually picked up either the second or third week of November, depending on when Halloween falls that year. They get the trees from Western North Carolina in the Smokey Mountains.
The trees are available to be bought the day after Thanksgiving. Weekdays they are open 9 am-5 pm; on the weekends they are open 10 am-5 pm.
George and Connie both work with the Christmas trees during the season.
Referring to how busy it is during the season with everyone wanting to get a tree, George said, “There isn’t too much free time, and whatever free time, I have I spend it with my family and celebrate the holidays.”
George said that his favorite part about selling Christmas trees is that it is a “tradition for a lot of people to get a Christmas tree, and we get to help those people.”
A typical day for George on the weekend is getting to work at 7 am and getting the trees ready to be sold by drilling them. They open at 10 am and then sells until 5 o’clock.
With the pandemic still here during the holiday season, they have been taking precautions to stop people from congregating in the greenhouse and from making contact in the store itself.
During the week George goes to school like everyone else, does his homework then goes over to the store to help out his dad.
Selling the trees is not an easy job; it takes a lot of time and effort. The Fritz family prepares for the next season at the end of the last season by getting their equipment ready to go for the following year.
The tree farm is located on Hollingsworth Road in Joppa MD. Along with Christmas trees in the winter, they sell wreaths and beautiful poinsettias for the holiday season. Fritz Farm has a lot of different things to decorate for the holidays.
Just remember the work that goes into getting each and every Christmas tree ready for the holiday season.