Netflix releases sequel to 2018 holiday movie

Ella McGuire, Staff Writer

In 2018, Netflix released an original movie called ‘The Christmas Chronicles.’ In 2020, we now have the sequel.

In the original movie, young Kate Pierce and her brother Teddy decide to sneak into Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. However, things are soon turned upside down when they make things worse — from losing Santa’s sack of toys, losing the reindeer, and even getting in some trouble with the police. Christmas Chronicles is a great Christmas movie to watch during the holidays.
This year, Netflix released Christmas Chronicles 2, a sequel to the original. In the original, we find out that Kate’s and Teddy’s dad had passed away. So, when teenager Kate decides that she doesn’t like her mom being in a new relationship, she decides to run away from a vacation in Mexico.
However, things quickly escalate when Kate and her mom’s boyfriend’s son, Jack, get sucked into a wormhole, causing them to end up in the North Pole.
Kate and Jack have a great time until a naughty elf named Bielsnickel comes and attempts to ruin Christmas.
Will Kate, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Jack save Christmas? Watch this adventurous sequel to find out!
As soon as this movie was released, my family and I watched it because we loved the first movie.
However, during this movie, there we discovered parts that should have be cut out because it made the movie too long and boring.
Sometimes, it is hard to follow what is happening, which makes enjoying the movie a bit harder.
The first Christmas Chronicles was much better, but Christmas Chronicles 2 is still a great holiday movie.