Celebrating the holiday during a pandemic

Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Cupid’s bow and arrow, heart shaped chocolates and big teddy bears. This time last year we were all spending Valentine’s Day COVID-19 and pandemic free. 

Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year with more restaurant restrictions and things being closed, but that does not mean it has to be any less special or fun.

Here are three ideas of safe, COVID-19-free Valentine’s Day ideas.

Prepare your own meal. Who says you need to go to a fancy restaurant to have a gourmet meal for your Valentine’s Day date? Research dishes online that would be fun to cook. You even could create an entire menu. Look on YouTube, or even watch the cooking channel for ideas.        

Have a cooking challenge with family or friends. This would a be nice and creative way for everyone to get together. Each of you gets to prepare your own dishes and then be a judge of the others. You could even add prizes.  This is a fun way to add some competition to your Valentine’s Day.      

If cooking a fancy meal is not your thing, or you would just rather relax than cook, then support a local business. There are so many varieties and different food restaurants in Harford Country to try such as One Eleven Main or Margherita Pizza. Order all your favorite dishes from a local business this Valentine’s Day.       

If you are completely away from your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, another fun and just as exciting option is available. You can create virtual Valentine’s Day cards and videos. This is a fun, safe, and creative way to celebrate the holiday.