Netflix’s ‘After’ is an excellent choice for movie viewing

Sydney Miller, Sports Editor

‘After,’ the movie based on the book written by Anna Todd, is an excellent romantic movie to watch. ‘After’ goes through the love story of two college students, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.

The movie starts out with Tessa Young. She is about to go away to college, and she has a long-term high school boyfriend. Tessa is an incoming freshman in college, and her boyfriend is a senior in high school. Her mother is very strict and is always pushing Tessa to be better.
She moves into her college dorm with her roommate “Steph,” short for Stephanie. Carol, Tessa’s mother, does not approve of this roommate at all. Her roommate introduces Tessa to Hardin Scott.
Tessa does not take a particular liking to Hardin right away; she thinks that he is rude. Since Tessa is a freshman in a college, she doesn’t have many friends, and Tessa hangs out with Steph and her friend group, which includes Hardin. Also included in this group, is Molly who strongly dislikes Tessa for no apparent reason.
Tessa is a very sweet likeable girl, and Hardin is cold-hearted with a damaged past. Just like how opposites attract, they start to take interest in each other. They may even find love through their journey, but no love story is without its struggles.
After is the first installment of the After book series, released in 2019. After quickly became a hit movie among teenagers. The love story of Hardin and Tessa is one to be remembered; through their individual differences, they find love and comfort in each other. Their love story is not what someone would label as “realistic,” but that is the beauty of fictional movies based on books.
The movie stars Josephine Langford as Tessa Young, Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott, Khadijah Red Thunder as Steph, Selma Blair as Carol Young and Inanna Sarkis as Molly. After has a diverse group of characters who blend very well to make an excellent movie.
After is the first movie of a three-part movie adaption of the book series. The third and final movie adaptation is set to release in 2021. After is available to watch on Netflix.