‘Afterlife of the Party’ is a hilarious movie to watch this fall season

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Cassie loves to party; she’s hardly ever home. She lives for the nightlife, and that’s all she does.

Then, she died. It was the week of her 25th birthday.
Afterlife of the Party features Victoria Justice starring as Carrie. She does an excellent job playing the part of Carrie in the movie. Val is played by Robin Scott, who does an amazing job at playing Cassie’s temporary guardian angel.
In the movie, Cassie wakes up in the “in between,” met by her temporary guardian angel, Val. Val tries to explain to Cassie that she is dead and that she is either going to Above or Below.
Val tells Cassie that she has unfinished business on Earth, and she will get a second chance to make things right.
Val then explains what Cassie must do to go to the Above by assigning her a list. However, she has only five days on Earth to fix where in life she went wrong. If she fails to finish her list, she goes to the Below.
Cassie has to use her five days to patch up things with her best friend Lisa, her mother, and her father. The night before she had died, Cassie had gotten into a fight with Lisa. She hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, and Cassie often makes fun of her father’s occupation.
The tricky part is she can’t be seen by anyone living on Earth. This means she has to complete this list without being able to verbally communicate with anyone.
Except for Lisa.
Remarkably Lisa can hear and see Cassie. They work together to help finish Cassie’s list. They manage to scratch off both of Cassie’s parents which leaves only Lisa on her list.
Time is running out and she has to finish her list in time so she can go to the Above.
Will she be able to do it? Will Cassie earn her wings or a set or horns?
You won’t regret watching with how funny and well-written the script is. The acting is on-point and the entire movie comes together in an amazing experience.
Watch the Afterlife of the Party only on Netflix. It’s an excellent comedy that will make your movie night with friends or family ten times better.