‘Coraline’ leaves Halloween and movie lovers in awe

Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

With a 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating and hundreds of positive reviews, the 2009 animated and eerie ‘Coraline’ is a movie that surely gets people in the Halloween spirit.

This one hour and 40 minute film features a young girl named Coraline Jones who enters a hidden door she finds in her house. Inside this door is an alternate universe where everything, including her own parents, resembles her real life.
The dream-like world is seemingly flawless, which is extremely appealing to Coraline, and she continues to go through the hidden door multiple more times. However, on the third journey to the strange world, Coraline finds out that the ominous perfection is not as comforting as she remembered.
The movie features incredible animation and a well-written script and plot. The movie is perfect for Halloween because of the many plot twists and suspense-building scenes.
The whole movie has an eerie feel to it. I often found myself relating to the characters and their mistakes leading to the climax of the movie, which makes it even creepier.
There are also so many lovable characters and heart-wrenching scenes that make it impossible to look away from the movie. I feel as though the writers did a great job of balancing the horror aspect with the family-friendly aspect of the movie, and both horror movie fanatics and those who typically avoid horror films are able to enjoy this movie together.
Furthermore, the movie is exciting to watch at any age and is one that I enjoy watching repeatedly without ever getting tired of it. There are new symbols and plot points that I notice and new connections I make every time I watch, which keeps it interesting and exciting.
Overall, the movie is a great choice at any point in the year as a good suspenseful movie, but it is a perfect movie to watch during Halloween because it is not excessively scary, but it is still very enjoyable and gripping.