Comparing the Grinch movies: Which One is the Best to Watch?

Gabby Albright, Staff Writer

One of the most popular Christmas movies of all time is ‘The Grinch,’ which is considered a Christmas classic.

However, three different versions of the Grinch movie have been created. There is the original 1966 cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the 2000 live-action version, and the most recent 2018 cartoon version called The Grinch.
With these three different movies, there is some controversy over which one is the best one.
The live-action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the best one. The original comes in a close second, and last would be the newest cartoon version of it.
The live-action version of The Grinch is the best because it focuses more on the Grinch’s backstory, rather than the original cartoon version which barely shows the reason why the Grinch hates Christmas.
The live-action version not only portrays the Grinch’s reasoning for hating Christmas but also allows viewers to pity him. It supports him taking down all of Whoville’s Christmas decorations and makes more sense.
Another reason the live-action version of The Grinch is the best is because of the amazing performance of Jim Carrey. Carrey allows for the Grinch to become a funny character, even with his scary appearance.
He also gives the character depth in which viewers can see through his acting how the Grinch feels about certain situations and his growing love for the Christmas spirit.
Although the original Grinch movie does not go into the character’s backstory as much, the movie is a classic and the animations are really pretty. The movie is displayed almost storybook-like and shows the actual writing in its purest form. It also has the classic rendition of the song “Mr. Grinch.”
The live-action version is still better because the characters are more developed, and more questions are answered. For example, Cindy Lou in the original is just a cute little animation, but in the live-action, she is an intuitive girl who cares about the Grinch.
The new version is not horrible at all, but it feels too catered to fit the new generation of kids. By this, I mean it has newer pop songs in the soundtrack and the Grinch is animated to look more clean and nice-looking. The Grinch’s backstory is also different from that of the live-action.
In the live-action movie, the Grinch had been bullied at school, and that is why he had to isolate himself from the town. He started to hate Christmas although it had been his favorite time of year until his love for it was diminished by the mean townsfolk.
In the new movie, the Grinch comes from an orphanage where Christmas cheer is nonexistent.
Why is the newest version the worst by far? For starters, it is too artificial, meaning that this version changed a lot from the purest form of the story.
The classic story-book element of the story is diminished with the bright colors and soft animations of the new version. A new Grinch movie wasn’t needed, and adding another movie was unnecessary.
Even as I believe the live-action is the best version, the original is a very close second.