WOW with a winter wardrobe:

Dress to impress in 2022

Allison Coyne, Photography & Art Editor

As the trees turn bare and the weather grows cold, new fashion trends come with the new season and classics return.

This winter will be filled with bold colors, fun fabrics, and statement shoes. The holidays and chilly temperatures will also bring back seasonal staples everyone should have.
One of the most popular fashion trends this winter is puffer jackets. These jackets act as a way to stay warm and as a way to complete any outfit. Found in every color, they can match with anything. Spice up the look by getting a faux fur lined puffer jacket.
Another new trend this year is leather. Everything from pants to bags to gloves are being made with the material. Getting these items in black leather creates a sleek look to any outfit.
The easiest way to turn a look from mediocre to amazing is with a good pair of shoes. 2021 has been filled with Jordan 1’s and Nike Blazer Mid 77’s. Both of these shoes add a retro feel to an outfit. If you are looking for something cozier, Ugg slippers are both cute and comfortable.
While new trends are great, everyone needs at least one of these staple wardrobe pieces.
A good pair of jeans is vital to a good outfit. Jeans in blue or black can act as a blank slate to add on bolder items and accessories. The options are endless with color shades, rips, and styles.
As for accessories, a beanie and jewelry always complete a look. Carhartt and Patagonia beanies are both great options for a cute and comfortable hat. Jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can be rocked in silver or gold.
If you are looking for classic shoes, everyone should own a pair of Converse or Vans.
They can be dressed up or down, come in thousands of colors and styles, and are an inexpensive choice.
With Christmas just around the corner, the holidays bring even more fashion trends.
Nobody can ever go wrong with a Christmas sweater. An ugly sweater, a funny sweater, or a cute sweater all create a festive and fun look. Add matching fuzzy socks for a head-to-toe Christmas outfit.
The best trend of wintertime is without a doubt, matching Christmas pajamas. Match with your family or friends to celebrate a season and holiday meant to bring each other together.