14 Date Ideas for February 14th (during a pandemic)

Meghan Kerr, Senior Coverage Editor

Valentine’s Day is today, and it is important to know what you will do and who you will do it with on this romantic holiday. However, the ongoing pandemic may be an obstacle in your Valentine’s Day plans.

Virtual Movie Date

Going to see a movie with your significant other (or friends) is always a fun pastime. However, with movie theaters being crowded with people whose masks are down to eat popcorn and candy, they may not be the safest choice during a pandemic. However, websites such as “TeleParty” and “Scener” allow for you to sync up a movie with whomever you please and watch it from the comfort of your home.


Although it may be cold outside, especially during the month of February, a hike is a COVID-safe way to spend time with your significant other. By being outside, you can feel free to breathe in the fresh air without as much fear of contracting the virus.


During the winter months, skiing is a fun, outdoor activity to do with your adventurous significant other or close friends. Especially with the recent cold temperatures and the possibility of snow, there should be no shortages of opportunities to go to a ski resort and enjoy some time outdoors.

At-Home Dinner Date

Going to dinner with a significant other or best friend is a classic and fun activity. However, with continued COVID cases, it may not be the safest date option. When eating, masks are down, leading to a higher chance of spreading the virus. However, a dinner date is not completely out of the question. For a safer option, you and your friends or significant other could gather some ingredients to make and eat food in your own home. Plus, if you aren’t the best cook, ordering food is easier than ever with food delivery services such as DoorDash.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a more creative date idea for this romantic holiday, consider setting up a scavenger hunt for you and your partner. You can go to the Dollar Store to purchase some festive materials for an at-home COVID-safe activity to make your partner feel special and loved.

Car Picnic

Let’s face it: picnics are one of the staple rom-com date ideas. However, with today’s temps being close to below-frozen for Valentine’s Day, it might not seem too appealing to sit on cold grass. You and your friends or significant other could set up a blanket in the back of a car, purchase or make some food, and enjoy a private and romantic date.

Board Game Night

If you and your partner are both competitive people, consider having a board game night as a date. You can pick some of your favorite classic games such as “Clue” or “Monopoly” and play by yourselves or with family and friends for a safe, at-home date idea.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms allow for people to be locked in a room with a storyline and clues that they have to crack in order to escape in a certain time-frame. With there being a range of different storylines ranging from horrifying to comedic, there is an escape room for everyone. You can bring your family, friends, or significant other and try to escape from your private room without risk of being exposed to COVID by any strangers.

Ice Skating

If there’s one date idea on this list that could be described as the most classic winter activity, it would be ice skating. Whether you are an active person or just looking to mess around on the ice, ice skating is a fun, romantic activity to do outside with your significant other on a cool day.

Craft Night

If you or your partner love arts and crafts or are just creative people in general, an arts and crafts night could be a fun date idea. You can go to a local craft store and purchase some easy, prepackaged crafts and create away. You could paint picture frames or make each other loving cards; the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can make the crafts from the comfort of your home.


Spending a day at the mall with masks on allows for an interesting activity that could last for as long as you and your friends or partner would like. Go to your favorite stores, ask for your partner’s opinions on things you try on, or even relax at the food court away from others.

Binge Watch a TV Show

If you don’t feel like going out anywhere on Valentine’s Day, binge watching a TV show in your own room, living room, or basement is an easy and relaxing option. Cuddle up with your loved ones, and watch any TV show that Netflix or any other streaming service has to offer.

Library Date

For those who are bookworms or who just enjoy the coziness of a library, going to a local library or bookstore is a quiet date that allows you to cuddle up with a good book and your loved one.

Amazing Glaze

If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity that can commemorate the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, Amazing Glaze is a perfect option. Amazing Glaze is located in the Festival at Bel Air and allows customers to pick out a piece of pottery and paint it however they’d like. At Amazing Glaze, you are able to wear masks and stay away from others to keep COVID safe while letting your creativity shine through.