Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

Wordle is a word guessing game that has gone viral in recent months.

Originally created by a software engineer from Brooklyn, Wordle was only meant for a small group of people. Josh Wardle initially created the game for his partner and his close friends who enjoyed playing word games. The game got popular in his peer group, and eventually spread, causing its virality.
Wordle is a simple game, similar to a crossword puzzle, where players have 24 hours to guess the “daily” five letter word. Players get six guesses before they lose, and the word is revealed.
There are three different color blocks, all having different meanings.
Gray means that the letter you chose is not in the word for that day. Yellow means that the letter you chose is in the word but not in the correct spot, and green means that you guessed the correct letter in the correct spot.
According to The New York Times, the owners of Wordle, over 300,000 people play the game daily. This leads to the common question: Why is Wordle so popular?
There are many reasons as to why Wordle could be so popular. It could be because of the time constraint, or because you can play against your friends.
Sophomore Alaina Kerins said she thinks the game is “cool” because, “it helps with cognitive abilities and is super creative.”
She continued by saying, “I think it’s so popular because you’re able to compete with your friends to see who can get the word first.”
Freshman Ameila Watts agreed, “I think it can be fun and can really make you think hard. Since you can only do it once a day, that means it doesn’t get old fast and it stays new and exciting because of the wait between playing. This means it will most likely take a good while for its popularity to decrease.”