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The School Newspaper of John Carroll School

The Patriot

The School Newspaper of John Carroll School

The Patriot

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The Battle: The Snowball Frenzy

The Meltdown: Black Cherry Snowball Emmorton Snowballs vs Sharon’s Shaved Ice

This issue’s battle is between Emmorton Snowballs and Ice Cream and Sharon’s Shaved Ice, in the battle of snowballs. Both offer top treats, but which is the winner? The review will be for a Black Cherry Snowball with Marshmallow topping.


Emmorton: The snowball was okay. It didn’t have an incredibly strong flavor, however. The ice at Emmorton isn’t the best. It was not very shaved and tasted too crunchy for a snowball, but marshmallow topping was creamy and added a nice balance.

Sharon’s: The snowball was full of flavor. The ice is perfect for a snowball: very smoothed down, yet still crunchy enough for a cool treat. The marshmallow topping was amazing. They definitely put a lot on there, and it goes nicely with the sour punch of the flavoring.


Emmorton: For a medium snowball, customers pay $3.85. To add marshmallow, it is an extra $1.

Sharon’s: For a medium snowball, one is $4 with 70 cents extra to add marshmallow.


Emmorton: The snowball was more crushed down than having that “perfect dome.” The marshmallow was dripping down the sides, as well.

Sharon’s: Sharon’s achieved the perfect snowball. The top was shaped well and the marshmallow held together. When comparing the two side-by-side, Sharon’s has a more appealing look.


Emmorton: Emmorton is almost five miles away from JC and takes a total of 10 minutes to get there by car. Parking is limited and can be tight.

Sharon’s: Sharon’s is 1.9 miles away from JC and is a seven-minute car ride. In addition to the Bel Air location, there is one in Forest Hill as well.

WINNER: Sharon’s! Not only is it closer to JC, but their snowball had more flavor and was less costly. Overall, this is the best place to go for a summertime treat. While Emmorton is a formidable opponent (and a popular location), if you have a choice between the two, Sharon’s is the stronger choice. Take some time to enjoy a good snowball this summer.

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