“Gnomeo and Juliet” delights audiences

Gnomeo and Juliet delights audiences

Sarah Kearby, Layout Editor

Colorful little gnomes make their way to the silver screen in the film “Gnomeo and Juliet.”

In the movie the story line of William Shakespeare’s classic, “Romeo and Juliet”, manages to entertain all members of the audience.

The main characters, Gnomeo and Juliet, fall madly in love the second they look into each other’s eyes. It was precious to see their love evolve, in perfect correspondence with one of Elton’s John’s classics.

Elton John’s music adds a  musical touch to this movie along with adorable dance moves, in which the little gnomes make the cute, yet realistic “chink” sound as they touch hats.

Some of the best characters aren’t even made of clay. A plastic flamingo named Featherstone (Jim Cummings) has a Cuban accent that adds levity and hilarity to the film. Nanette (Ashley Jensen) is a sassy frog that tells it how is with every line, making the audience giggle.

My favorite character of the entire film has to be Bill Shakespeare (Patrick Stewart) whom Gnomeo meets during his adventure in the park.

After Gnomeo tells Shakespeare of his love story with Juliet, Shakespeare jumps right in with his ending. He tells Gnomeo, “I like the death part.” Gnomeo, of course, disagrees and goes to valiantly save Juliet from the same fate.

But don’t worry, if you think this is too safe for date night, sexual innuendos are dispersed throughout the movie for your viewing pleasure.

I recommend seeing it at home because the 3-D feature in theaters costs extra money. But “Gnomeo and Juliet” definitely has its precious and funny moments, which makes it a movie to see.

Sarah Kearby is a Layout Editor for “The Patriot” and jcpatriot.com