Piatsa’s authentic Greek cuisine adds spice to Harford dining

Collin Hoofnagle, News Editor

Having recently returned from a Spring Break trip to Greece, I had high expectations for one of Harford County’s newest restaurants, which boasts a traditional Greek cuisine.

Luckily, Piatsa proved to be much more than the average Greek dinner.

Located on Edgewood Road just past Regal Cinemas and in the former Vitali’s restaurant, Piatsa doesn’t have the best location.

The bland atmosphere, including clean but old-looking furniture and a view of Edgewood Road, does not help the general outlook of the restaurant.  This didn’t help any in my first impressions of Piatsa.

But what it lacked in location and atmosphere, Piatsa more than made up for in service and food. While disappointed that I couldn’t extend a traditional Greek greeting to our American waitress, I was amazed at the service offered.

It was refreshing to experience friendly and attentive service in Harford County. I had previously thought it did not exist here.

The accommodating waitress helped to navigate the menu, some of which was all Greek to me.  The majority of the menu was Greek food, with a few options like steak and pasta for those turned off by Mediterranean cuisine.

Appetizers included hummus, calamari, and a selection of Greek salads. Entrees consisted of everything from moussaka to roast lamb. And of course, what would a Greek restaurant be without desserts like baklava?

My lunch began with fried zucchini, which isn’t anything new. But at Piatsa a whole zucchini is sliced to order and fried, then served with a traditional Tzatziki sauce, which tastes like cucumber- flavored yogurt.

A traditional Greek salad, which has no lettuce, followed the zucchini. Fresh and light, the salad consisted of tomatoes, olives, feta, among other things all tossed lightly in oil. The light yet flavorful salad was perfect.

Then came flawlessly seasoned and tender mini lamb chops. The chops, flavored with oregano and a hint of lemon, were served like lollipops alongside the Tzatziki sauce. To finish off the meal, I ordered the staple of all Greek restaurants, baklava. The honey-doused hazelnut pieces layered with phyllo dough was the perfect finish to a well-rounded Greek meal.

Going out of my way to sample Harford’s newest restaurant was well worth it. A Greek restaurant is nothing new, especially in Harford County. But what’s notable about Piatsa is its dedication to Greek cuisine. The restaurant doesn’t sell itself out to being a dinner that happens to have a few Greek dishes.

I will without a doubt return to Piatsa, not because it’s new, or even because it has impeccable service and delicious food, but because it’s something different. I’ve become so accustomed, just like many others in Harford County, to the same boring restaurants. But thanks to Piatsa, I can get excited to head out to eat on the weekend.

Collin Hoofnagle can be reached for comment at [email protected]