National Art Honor Society travels to NYC

National Art Honor Society travels to NYC

Every year NAHS travels to New York City for students to experience NYC’s artistic culture. This year the trip will span two days instead of just one.

Ashley Beyer, Lifestyles Editor

New York City is known for the arts, with its statues, museums, and other architectural pieces seen throughout the city. Junior Katlyn Cyphers has always been interested in art, and is thrilled to experience the artistic culture that New York City has to offer for 48 hours with the rest of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS).

Every year NAHS sponsors a trip to New York, but this year it will be over a span of two days, Nov. 11 – Nov. 12, as opposed to going up and coming back in one day.  Cyphers went to New York City last year with NAHS and is going again this year, because she loves having the opportunity to “see the different types of art. It’s just wonderful.”

Cyphers enjoyed spending time with friends and seeing all of the art that New York City has to offer. She also said that “shopping was a nice perk too.”

Art teacher Michael Gaudreau, French teacher Regina Ferry, art teacher Bruno Baran, and parent volunteers will travel with students around New York City to see museums and galleries while the students sketch their own projects.

For some NAHS members, this will be their first art-centered trip to the city. “I’ve been to NY before, but never to see an art museum. It will be great to see another aspect of the city,” junior Alexa DiPeso said.

Freshman Emma Kleinberg is also anxiously awaiting the trip. “I’m really excited to see how all of the art elements are used in the pieces,” Kleinberg said.

Anyone interested in attending should talk to Bruno Baran or email him at [email protected] to see if there are open spots.

Ashley Beyer is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and