Senior Project Snapshots: Hunter Kothenbeutel

Senior Project Snapshots: Hunter Kothenbeutel

Senior Hunter Kothenbeutel and his father Scott Kothenbeutel explain the race route to the runners at the Ma & Paw 5K. A total of 27 runners attended the race on April 21.

Brianna Glase, Online Chief

On your mark. Get set. Go. The runners, walkers, and then the dogs, barking and pumping their legs along with the rest of the 5K runners, rush past the starting line.

Senior Hunter Kothenbeutel organized the Ma and Paw 5K race combined with a one mile walk to benefit the Humane Society on April 21 for his Senior Project. Runners could either race solo or with their pets.

“I wanted to reach out into the running community to get people to work out with their dogs. I see so many out of shape and obese dogs at Churchville Vet [Kothenbeutel’s employer] and it can be easily remedied if the owner understands what to do,” Kothenbeutel said.

Twenty-seven runners attended the race, ranging from veteran 5K runners to a girl who had never run a 5K before. According the Kothenbeutel, there were “around 10 or 12 dogs,” but “only a few dogs ran the course with their owners.” Most of them participated in the one mile walk.

According to Kothenbeutel, the attendance at the race was very successful. “For a small club race, the turnout was spectacular and far larger than I had anticipated,” he said.

At the end of the race, Kothenbeutel awarded prizes sponsored by the Humane Society to the first person to cross the finish line, the first dog to cross the finish line, and the youngest runners, two kids both under the age of 10.

To contribute to the education portion of his project, Kothenbeutel gave handouts about canine health to all the participants for them to keep and quizzed them on the information to make sure they paid attention. “That was the whole idea behind my project, education and awareness for the community,” he said.

Another goal of Kothenbeutel’s was to raise money for the Humane Society. The society set up a booth next to the registration table collecting voluntary donations and providing dog treats for the canine runners.

“I was ecstatic that the Humane Society was able to raise over $300. That money will help the abandoned pets in the community find owners,” Kothebeutel said.

Overall, Kothenbeutel believes that, in helping the running community and their pets, his project was a success. According to him, “I helped people realize that running and just walking with their dogs can be fun and enjoyable for both parties involved.”

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