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The Old Well located on the UNC Chapel Hill campus, is a popular and historic attraction. The Well was first used as a water supply back in the 1800’s but is now seen as the heart of campus.


Located in the beautiful college town of Chapel Hill, NC, the University of North Carolina boasts a diverse and calming community, with a huge student body, but a small town feel that makes you feel right at home.

Founded in 1789, as the nation’s first public university, UNC accepts 29 percent of students who apply with nearly 30,000 students enrolled. Although, getting into the university while not living in the state of North Carolina has fared less conventional. Because of its public status, it is required to take 82 percent of all in-state applicants, leaving only 18 percent for out-of-state students. This means that out of the 20,000 out-of-state students that apply, only 3,600 receive acceptance letters.

Stepping into the warm breezy air of North Carolina, I could instantly feel the relaxing vibe of the community. After meeting in a large venue of about 400 prospective students to learn more about the campus, we split up into groups of about 10 and got a personal tour just to learn more about campus life.

One of my tour guides was a journalism major, something I will look to pursue further in college. While learning about the extensive Greek life and the 78 bachelor’s, 112 master’s, 68 doctorate and seven professional degree programs available to students, I talked to the other guide about the impressive and opportunistic journalism program. Both guides took questions and refused to  end until every little question was answered. It really made me believe that they cared personally about what I was doing with my college search.


Tuition for out-of-state students at UNC is $33,916. The total cost amounts to around $51,000, making it a rather expensive school if you intend on enrolling without any scholarships. Although, the merit-based scholarships that are offered range from $2,500 to the full price of tuition.


UNC, home of the Tar Heels, is an NCAA Division I athletic institution. 25 of the 28 teams at North Carolina last year qualified for NCAA post-season play. Sports are huge at UNC. It is seemingly hard to look in any direction while standing on campus without seeing a stadium or athletic field. This intense fixation for sports includes UNC’s ruthless rivalry with Duke.

One tradition that caught my attention was when my tour guide told me that every time UNC beats Duke, everyone on campus sprints from wherever they are to Franklin St., the main road in town, and has a huge party that shuts down the road for that night. This makes the atmosphere so vivid and exciting, and it is great knowing there is an easy way to connect with others through your college’s sports.

Food and other things to do:

While on campus for the two days, I got the chance to see their many dining halls and even try their food. One thing I loved was going into their dining halls and learning that you only had to pay a simple fee to enter and receive all the food that you could desire. I strolled around a bit to see the great selection they offered. They had salads, sandwiches, and so much more, and even a bakery section for all the regret-filled sweets you desire.

Not only do the dining halls impress, but there are many restaurants and shops in Chapel Hill that are great. There also are several quick places on campus to get a bite to eat if you’re in a hurry.

The academic curriculum at UNC is challenging and the average unweighted GPA of students admitted this year was 3.71. Average SAT scores are 635-650 in each section and ACT scores average at around a 29.


I absolutely loved my visit at UNC. I will definitely consider it in my college search. Having a parent as an alumni, I immediately felt that it could be the right fit. I loved the chill vibe and great spirits of everyone, and I cannot wait to visit again. If you like a warm climate with a fun, easy-going attitude, I would recommend you check UNC out.

For more information about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, visit their website here.

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