College reviews: Georgetown University

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Elizabeth Harmison

Named after Georgetown president serving from 1873 to 1882, Patrick F. Healy, Healy Hall stands on the Main Campus and houses academic and administrative offices.

Campus: Located in the outskirts of Washington D.C., surrounded by the suburbs, and a few streets of cute shops and stores, Georgetown University consists of remarkable, classic buildings that offer not only beauty, but also add a feeling of tradition to the campus.

The first things that stood out were the beautiful, traditional buildings framed by elegant willow trees, but as I spent more time at Georgetown, I became more impressed by the attitude emanating from the school and the students.

Founded by Archbishop John Carroll in 1694, the university is a historical landmark. During the Civil War, one of the former dormitories was transformed into a hospital for the Union Army, and over fourteen presidents have spoken on the campus. The campus definitely has a historical feel to it, and I thought the school had a more intellectual vibe as well.

My tour guides offered dramatic insight into the culture and social atmosphere at Georgetown: they were both involved in the entirely student-run corporation titled “The Corp” at Georgetown, they had already interned in the House of Representatives, and both spoke of how academics took precedence over sports at Georgetown.

According to Georgetown’s website, there are approximately 7,500 students enrolled as undergraduate students. Georgetown also has a wide variety of graduate schools, such as the renowned McDonough School of Business, the McCourt School of Public Policy, and the Georgetown Law Center.  

The school has an acceptance rate of 16.4 percent. The average SAT critical reading score is between 660 and 750. The average SAT math score is about the same, and the university does not require applicants to submit an SAT writing score. However, they do recommend taking three SAT subject tests in the area in which you plan to study. The average ACT score of an accepted first-year applicant is between a 30 and a 34.

Georgetown does have an early action admissions program. This means that if you apply to the earliest application deadline and get accepted, the acceptance is non-binding and you can go wherever you choose. However, the school does ask that you refrain from applying early decision or early action to other schools.

Cost: The cost of attending Georgetown University as an undergraduate is $67,557. This includes the cost of room, food, books, etc., without receiving financial aid. According to the College Board, the company which administers the SAT, 100 percent of financial need shown by students is met.

Athletics: Georgetown is a member of the NCAA, and both their women’s and men’s basketball, lacrosse, and soccer teams are Division I teams. Their team is named “The Hoyas” which is a Greek word for “what.” This name came from the school’s chant “Hoya Saxa,”a  combination of Latin and Greek words that mean “What Rocks,” a reference to the stone wall on which students used to sit on while watching school football games.

Georgetown’s mascot is Jack the Bulldog, and the school owns a real bulldog named Jack who makes appearances at basketball games. The school’s colors are blue and gray, a reference to the colors of the Union and the Confederacy.

Food and other things to do: The school is one-and-a-half miles away from the White House, and outside of Georgetown is an adorable compilation of stores, cafes, and restaurants. Since the school is in such close proximity to Washington D.C., political, economic, and cultural icons often visit the school as well. Many notable alumni, such as former president of the school Bill Gates and actor Bradley Cooper often speak at the campus. My tour guides also said that the many student organizations put on performances and put together events, such as a showing of a foreign film.

Summary: I adored Georgetown. I plan to apply despite the selective nature of the application process, and if I am accepted, I would attend. The school and its students seem focused on their studies and intellectual pursuits. If you are looking for a fun yet intellectually-challenging school, I’d urge you to check out Georgetown.

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