Sophomore steps up to lead as SGA president

Gracious Ndungu shows commitment through virtual and hybrid openings


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Gracious Ndungu is the SGA president as a sophomore. She has been kept busy working and helping behind the scenes in different events held at John Carroll.

“If you know me, you know that I always am looking for ways to be involved with my school community. SGA was the most direct way to do this, along with learning more about myself and others in the process,” Gracious said.
SGA Co-Moderator Meghan Doyle cited examples of the commitment Gracious has already given to the SGA and the school, including being available for meetings, helping to maintain agendas for the SGA, staying active on the SGA Instagram account (@johncarroll_sga), and having great communication with all those she works with.
Being a sophomore and being elected as the SGA president is impressive and a big task.
“It certainly was an adjustment, but I love holding this position. If anything, this leadership role has impacted my tenth grade year in a positive way,” Gracious said.
“After speaking and working with Gracious, you would never be able to tell that she is in fact a sophomore and has only been at JC for one year,” Mrs. Doyle commented. “She is poised, professional, committed, engaging, and has a love for our school and a desire to serve the student body.”
“Given the unique circumstances we are currently living in, I think it is crucial to take things day-by-day. Things are changing all around us; no one knows what the future holds,” Gracious said.
Over summer and during virtual learning, Gracious has been to the school helping around the building and preparing for future events and ideas.
Gracious described how she and the rest of the SGA have been pushed to get creative when thinking of new ideas for the school due to the pandemic.
Gracious has been working hard to maintain and upkeep her own personal goals set for herself. “A goal I have at the moment is to see how students of this community are feeling during this crazy time.”
Regarding her time as the SGA president, Gracious shared the impact of this position in her day-to-day life.
“So far, being John Carroll’s SGA president has taught me a lot about both my peers and myself as an individual,” Gracious said. “I have gained lifelong leadership skills and have been able to see what it takes to run an amazing school.”
As a passion outside of her academic life, Gracious adores the performing arts. She has been a part of a few productions within performing arts at JC such as Music Man, and she was set for Mamma Mia which was canceled due to the pandemic.
In her free time, Gracious enjoys playing the piano. She was able to teach herself how to play during quarantine, and she continues to practice to improve.
“Overall, I strive to set an example for the school by staying positive,” Gracious said.
Gracious shared a message she has for JC.
“I am so grateful to be your SGA president. Thank you all so much. I hope everyone is having a great school year so far; please reach out to me if you ever need anything. Go Patriots!”