Kicking off the new year with resolutions

Madison Elliott, News Editor

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, it is time to look toward the new year: 2021. For many people, 2020 has been full of both ups and downs which can help to embrace the change to a new year.

This means that the new year can be very exciting and one to take advantage of — especially after all of the crazy events from this year. Then the discussion of New Year’s begins. One of the most common things that people do to ring in the new year is to make New Year’s Resolutions.
Math teacher Kimberly Cadle said, “A New Year’s Resolution could be any positive change that you are going to make and a conscious effort to bring in your life over the next year.”
New Year’s Resolutions are fun, and creating them has become a very optimistic tradition among people. The thought that every year people look for something they could change within their own lives to become the best they can be is very rewarding.
These resolutions can be made anytime throughout the year to inspire the change people want to make at any given moment.
“I feel better acting on my ideas immediately instead of pushing them off until a certain date,” Ms. Cadle said.
Sophomore Manna Hollin said that resolutions are “to set goals for ourselves for what we want to achieve.”
Anyone can make a resolution for themselves. It can be a simple task that can be done daily or even a long-term goal that can be a constant reminder of a final accomplishment.
Almost every year, people make resolutions and goals to help guide themselves towards what they want to accomplish.
Sophomore Jake Siemsen said that he does create New Year’s Resolutions each year. He said, “It gives me motivation to do what I want.”
One of the most important parts of resolutions is to ensure that you do not forget about them. Simple reminders like sticky notes work well as visual reminders, or if it is possible, have pictures of your goals on your walls to keep your end-goal in mind.
Every year is a new opportunity to set new goals for yourself and reflect on the past year.
This year may make it a little difficult to create resolutions because of COVID-19. Ms. Cadle said, “This year, we all learned a lot about what is really important to us. I think that New Year’s Resolutions will reflect that. I do not think we are going to hear about the typical resolutions this year, like going to the gym or eating healthier.”
Now that life is so different for people worldwide, many priorities have changed as this experience has taught people so much about not only the world around them but us as well.
This current year has been a year of growth and learning as it is. The time in quarantine gives everyone time to think and look at many aspects of life. This growth alone is important for people, so it is nice to begin the next year with positive goals in mind.
New Year’s Resolutions can be used to find new ways to adjust and learn from events that happened to encourage a bright year ahead.