Alex Mink hopes project will make children happy


Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

Senior Alex Mink has been collecting toys for his Senior Project. He has had a toy drive collection box at the building’s entrance of John Carroll and has received numerous donations.

Alex’s project will benefit individuals in the Aberdeen area.
After getting the donations, Alex will clean them and then redistribute them to underprivileged students at Aberdeen Elementary School.
However, idea did not just come to Alex in a dream; he has been doing toy drives for a long time.
“[Toy drives] are something I have been doing every year for the past 10 years and are something I enjoy doing,” Alex said and added that he will continue doing toy drives as he gets older because he loves doing them and loves to help people in any way he can.
So many outcomes will stem from Alex doing this toy drive, but his main goal is that “the kids who don’t get anything for Christmas will be able to celebrate this year like the rest of us.”
In these trying times, many families have struggled with providing for their families. Alex believes that every kid should have a good Christmas which is what inspired him to do organize a toy drive.
Even though Alex has had great success with the drive, it was a rocky road at first. The biggest challenge for him was getting the John Carroll community to donate.
“A challenge that I faced was the lack of donations the first week; that thankfully picked up in the last week.”
With the help of putting information on the Weekly Update, Alex has had a lot of ways of getting his project information out to the public.
Alex hopes that this project will not only to help children but also let John Carroll be more aware of a very important message. “I want the students of John Carroll to realize there are people in the world who don’t have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.”
Alex also hopes that every year, after he graduates, JC will host an annual toy drive. It can be even just one small thing as the smallest things will make even the greatest difference in somebody’s life.
From his project, Alex hopes that the JC students will help out the less fortunate, because it is a community that is rapidly increasing every day. Something simple, like a toy, can leave a life-lasting impact.