English teacher begins as new Speech & Debate coach

Ella McGuire, Assistant Media Chief

Ms. Lindsey Galicki has been an active member and teacher throughout her JC career. Being a 2014 alum and now an English teacher, she has deeply impacted many individuals here. Now, she adds Speech and Debate Coach to her list.

Ms. Galicki shared her approach to how she plans to start her new journey. “My plans for the year are to get the team started on a strong footing. . . I want to establish an organized team that has a routine we follow in our practices and competitions. Personally, I am also committed to retaining 75% of our original sign-ups.”

Since this is her first year, Ms. Galicki is bound to run into some challenges. However, she plans to “rely on former coaches as well as colleagues who have experience in academic competition settings.”
Speech and Debate is a team that competes in public speaking competitions, which include debates on various topics and dramatic readings. Ms. Galicki will select specific competition categories based on those which will better the team and then will structure practices based on the league.

Like sports, she plans to watch film on the other competitors during practice, so the team can develop the best strategies for winning.

Ms. Galicki also believes that the best way to win is from student feedback, so she plans to make time for collaborating together to assemble presentations and rehearse in front of the team for constructive criticism. All of her plans may help the team achieve major wins this year.

Ms. Galicki has her own personal experience that she plans to bring to the team this year.

“I have a performance background in musical theatre and find public speaking to be an exciting opportunity to bring those skills to a more academic setting. . . I want students to experience the confidence public speaking skills can bring and perhaps understand how communication really is an art form, much like the performing arts.”

As for hopes for this year’s team, Ms. Galicki’s are high. “I hope the members of the team accomplish their personal goals for joining Speech and Debate. Whether that is showing off their skills or developing strength in public speaking and drama, I want each member to feel fulfilled.”

Speech and Debate is a great way to gain public speaking skills for college/beyond and is a great high school experience. Ms. Galicki welcomes any new students with open arms to join her noteworthy team.