JC musical brings Christmas spirit

Annabel Everett, Features Editor

The John Carroll Theatre Department is working very hard to amaze and delight its viewers for the fall production of ‘Elf.’ The musical will take place on Friday, November 11 at 7 pm, Sunday, November 12 at 2 pm and 7 pm, and Sunday, November 13 at 2 pm.

The show is based on the 2003 family Christmas comedy, Elf. Musical Director Julie Parrish described the musical in one cheerful word: “sparkle-jolly-twinkle-jingley.”

Mrs. Parrish said that auditions for the musical went well, and that she is most excited for the comedic element of the show. She commented, “That’s the nice thing about playing in the pit for every show. We get to be constantly entertained.”

Another element that excites Mrs. Parrish is the renovated auditorium and the “fresh new ‘feel’ of the space.” Other students share this same opinion, such as Zac Dickens, who said, “I am very excited to see the new auditorium.”

Apart from the enthusiasm surrounding the renovations, the department has also been successfully working around the construction in the performance space. Mrs. Parrish explained that most of the work in the auditorium is being done in the seating area, not the stage, so rehearsal time has not been negatively affected.

This hard work is definitely going to make a difference, however. Actors, actresses, and the JC community are all very excited for the show.

Senior Giada Scotto Di Carlo said, “I am so excited for the Elf production.”

Senior actor Reagan McComas said, “This show will bring a lot of happiness and love into the audience, and I am super-excited for the holiday cheer this show will bring.”

Leads of the cast includes Reagan McComas as Buddy, Hannah Hamill as Jovie, Henry Coyner as Walter Hobbs, Gracious Ndungu as Emily Hobbs, Evan Christy as Michael Hobbs, and Chloe Davies as Deb.