Juniors anticipate receiving their JC rings

Ring ceremony to take place on Thursday, March 16 with the dance on March 18

Brooke Carroll, Staff Writer

The Ring Ceremony is right around the corner for John Carroll juniors, and everyone is getting ready for the moment they have been waiting for since freshman year.

Junior Class Co-Moderator Kelly Smith has moderated the class for seven and a half years. She said that she decided to be the moderator so she could get to know the juniors even better as a college counselor.

Mrs. Smith revealed that one major change this year is that the Ring Ceremony and Mass are back on JC’s campus. It has been held off-campus during two different years at St. Ignatius Hickory.

Three years ago, only hours before the ceremony, Governor Hogan made an announcement that limited the number of people in a crowd, eliminating parents and guests from seeing the ceremony live at the church. Two years ago, for the Class of 2022, the ceremony was held outside on the football field due to COVID restrictions. Last year the ceremony and Mass returned to St. Ignatius.

Mrs. Smith said that the most challenging part of this event “would have to be making sure the Mass goes on without a hitch. The most exciting part would have to be going to the dance and seeing all of the juniors celebrate.”

Overall, Mrs. Smith loves being a part of this unique John Carroll tradition.

Junior Class Co-Moderator Erik Fabriziani, has been working with the class for ten years. Mr. Fabriziani became a moderator because he wanted to get more involved outside of the athletic department, and this task gave him an opportunity to do so.

Mr. Fabriziani disclosed that while they had to made lots of changes and adjustments for COVID restrictions, since then, he’s had the chance to rethink how to do things. This time has allowed both of the moderators to focus more on the essential parts of the two events.

He said the most challenging part of the Ring Ceremony and Mass is always “getting the juniors lined up before the procession into Mass.”

However, the most exciting part of Ring to Mr. Fabriziani is when he instructs the students to remove their rings from the box and place it on their fingers.

As Ring is one of the most important traditions at John Carroll, he commented, “I am happy that I have gotten the opportunity to be a small part of it.”

Juniors from the Class of 2024 are excited about the ceremony and dance.

Caitlyn Fetzer is “excited to go to the ring dance with my boyfriend and friends.” She anticipates having a fun experience with people in her class.

Caitlin is already preparing for the festivities by ordering dresses to choose from. Getting her ring is “essential” for her because it shows how far she has come in her years with John Carroll.

To Caitlyn, the ceremony symbolizes her time at John Carroll.

Margo Smith commented that she is excited to go to Ring with her friends and have fun at the dance. She has been looking forward to Ring for a while and sees it as an important milestone. It is important to Margo because “it shows that I am a part of the John Carroll community and will always be a part of it.”

Zaida Annan is also very excited about all of the ring-related activities. She is most excited to go to the dance, take pictures, and have fun with her friends. She has already started looking at different dresses and deciding which one she wants.