JC students have staff members as moms

With Mother’s Day coming up in May, The Patriot reflects upon JC female relatives


Meghan Kerr, Perspectives Editor

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly as the winter months end and spring months begin.

This special holiday allows for children to show their mothers their appreciation for all they do. With JC currently having 12 mother-child relationships, some students only need to walk into their mother’s office or classroom during lunch or an off-mod to connect and bond with them.

According to these students, having a mother who works at their school has many benefits.

Freshman Sylvia Woosley, daughter of English Teacher Sherri Woosley shared that her mom “is always there to give me lunch money if I need; she can help proofread my papers, or I can just pop in to say ‘Hi.’”

Freshman Isabelle Parrish, daughter of Director of Performing Arts Julie Parrish, revealed that she also finds many perks to having a mom who works at her school. She said, “I can go to her office during my off mod or after school to just chill. I can also really simply ask her questions about content from theatre rehearsals and things like that.”

However, mother-child relationships at school do not only benefit students. In fact, some teachers shared some of their favorite benefits that come with working at the same place where their child goes to school.

Similar to Isabelle, Mrs. Parrish finds that being at the same place makes it “more convenient to get her to after-school rehearsals and other activities. It makes me get to school on time every day.”

School Nurse Stacey Quigg has a daughter at JC in tenth grade. Mrs. Quigg emphasized that working at the same place where her daughter goes to school allows her to ensure that she is safe and healthy. She said that this relationship allows her to monitor her daughter’s “medical needs while she’s at school. When things come up during the school day, she always has her mom close by to help.”

Director of Digital Media Elizabeth Gay’s son Cody is in the ninth grade. Mrs. Gay also emphasized the safety and security benefits that come with being in the same place.

She said that some of the benefits of working at the same school as her son “include knowing that my child is in a safe and secure environment.” She also shared that she loves “being able to have a better understanding of their educational progress and having more flexibility in my work schedule to attend school events and activities.”

One of the biggest benefits is the close relationship it fosters.

Senior Greg Temple is the son of Spanish Teacher Stephanie Temple. He shared that having his mom work at JC for most of his high school career has “100% brought me and her closer these last three years . . . With her working at the school, she understands everything that happens and is a great person to talk to if you need anything.”

Mrs. Temple had a similar view on the close relationship which has formed between her and her son during their time at JC together.

She shared that having Greg go to the same school where she works “has given me a much better understanding of his daily life and what he carries every day.”

However, with seniors such as Greg having their mom work at the same place they go to school, some seniors recognize that going away to college next year will be a difficult change.

Senior Annabel Everett said, “I definitely feel that going to the same school as my mom has brought me closer to her. I am able to see her much more often, and I am really going to miss her presence in college.”

JC does not only have mother-child duos, however. Academics Project Coordinator Louise Géczy works at the same place where her granddaughter is a sophomore.

Mrs. Géczy has a similar view of the positive relationship that this shared experience causes.
She revealed that “anytime you have a shared experience with someone else, it can create a bond that connects you indefinitely.”

According to English teacher Hope Hemphill and her daughter, sophomore Katie, working and going to school at the same place also allows for more communication and connection between mother and daughter.

Both Katie and Mrs. Hemphill revealed that they enjoy telling each other details about their days.

Mrs. Hemphill said, “We have a lot of after-school Chick-fil-A dinner dates and spend each afternoon car ride telling each other about our day.”

While not every student at JC has the luxury of seeing their mother everyday to ask for lunch money or tell them how much they care for them, these school relationships are a reminder of how much we should treasure our mothers.

Whether it is Mother’s Day or the end of March, make the effort to connect with your mothers and grandmothers.