Frog legs hop off editor’s favorite foods


Have you ever wanted to… try frog legs?

Yeah, neither have I. But for some odd reason, I have always wanted to go out of my comfort zone and order something a little different off the menu. As soon as a I saw frog legs as an appetizer at The Union Hotel in Port Deposit, I knew I had to try them.

I tried to order them nonchalantly but ended up sounding completely ridiculous. I even became a little nervous while I was waiting for the kitchen doors to swing open and some waiter to place a plate of frog legs in front of me. It took a short 15 minutes to whip up my froggy dish, and as soon as I saw them, I felt like I had made the wrong decision ordering them.

Everyone’s heard the expression, “tastes like chicken,” right? Well besides the chewy texture, web-like veins, and slippery coating, they tasted exactly like chicken!

The frog legs looked similar to chicken wings. They were fried and served with garlic and butter, possibly to mask the taste of the actual dish.The smell itself was anything but pleasant, but I knew I had to try it after going to the extent of ordering them.

As I went in for the first bite, I couldn’t help but visualize the slimy green legs I was about to devour. I chewed and tried not to think about what I was eating.

I immediately followed up my first bite with a large gulp of water.  The texture was similar to a fish but much, much slimier. The legs themselves were bendable and I found them hard to chew. The more I ate, the more I imagined the legs beginning to croak. One leg was plenty for me.

Although considered a delicacy in places like France and China, I wouldn’t exactly put them at the top of my list. After I had finished my attempt at eating the legs, I had to wash my hands to rid them of the awful smell that lingered. The frog legs seemed to be a cross between chicken and a bit of fishy flavor thrown in for good measure.

It’s safe to say my amphibian appetizer did not leave me satisfied. I’m not sure if it was the appearance of the legs on the plate, the texture in my mouth, or the fact I imagined them hopping away. Although high in protein,  I don’t think I will be so eager to order them next time.

Hanna LeBuhn is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and