Healthy You: Logging off social media provides time for activities


We teenagers are, unfortunately, the generation of social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Vine, kids these days are constantly on their phones getting instant information about what’s going on, who’s going where, and what that kid you barely know had for lunch on Tuesday.

Although social media can be a great way of keeping up with friends and staying connected, it seems to have become more and more of a problem. Looking at a small screen every five seconds while being inactive is just not good for you. Social media is becoming a lifestyle, and I have some tips to solve it.

Instead of constantly checking the latest happenings, here’s some other things you can try:

  • Read a book. Trust me, stories in books are way more exciting than what people have to say on Twitter. Unless you love reading some boy’s tweet asking “what’s happening tonight?” or some girl saying she just wants to “watch a movie and cuddle.”
  • Take a bath. Students, especially seniors, are stressed. Grades, college applications, and sports can really take a toll on a person’s mental health. It’s important to take a break every once and a while. What’s more relaxing that sitting in a hot tub? NOTHING!
  • Take a walk. I hear girls constantly complaining about how they “need to lose weight,” or “oh my gosh I should really start working out.” Why don’t you start with walking? Not only is it good for you physically, it helps relieve stress. Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather!
  • Call a friend. Even though this isn’t face to face interaction, it’s better than talking through text. This way you get to hear the tone of the other person’s voice and it’s not so fake. Better yet, go for a visit. Then you get facial expressions too. I can’t tell you how many times someone has tweeted me telling me we “need to hang out” and then we never hang out. The nerve.
  • Go shopping. Retail therapy works wonders. Just don’t spend too much…

So there you have it, folks, tons of ideas to keep you distracted from the lure of social media. Don’t waste time stressing out about the latest Twitter fight or worrying because “she posted an Instagram picture with her but not with me.” Not worth it.

Instead, spend time with family and friends and try some of the things I suggested above. I can guarantee you will all be much happier people. Also, you won’t have back problems 50 years from now from constantly being hunched over your devices.

Caitlin Wolfarth is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and