Healthy You: Self-confidence leads to healthy lifestyle


Often times, when people think of being healthy, they think only of the physical aspects. However, being healthy is more than just eating right and staying active. It also involves a person’s state of mind, which contributes greatly to one’s well-being.

A happy you is a healthy you. This is why it is super important that everyone is comfortable and happy with their appearances before taking any drastic steps in an attempt to make themselves more attractive.

All too often I read or hear stories about girls and women everywhere who become dangerously thin because they think they’re too “fat.” I’ve seen girls turn crispy after hours spent in a tanning bed because they think they are too “pale.”

In reality, these girls are perfectly normal and shouldn’t feel compelled to change anything. Unfortunately, our world’s perception of beauty has become a little catawampus.

So, in an attempt to correct this issue, I have devised some tips that are sure to boost some serious self-esteem.

1. If you’re having a particularly bad day, or just need a confidence boost, make a list of all of your amazing qualities. Now, I realize this can sometimes be difficult, but just try anyway. They can be silly and strange like “I’m an expert tree climber,” or “I’m really good at making macramé bracelets.” Whatever makes you happy.

2. Leave yourself inspirational sticky notes. Put them on your mirror, so you can see them as you get ready in the morning, on your car windshield, in your locker. Anywhere you’ll be sure to see them throughout the day. Write things like “have a fantabulous day” or “you look really nice today.” It may sound lame, but I bet it will make you smile!

3. Practice smiling in a mirror. It is rumored that if people see themselves smiling, it will trick their brain into being there research on this to support your idea? I don’t know how true this is, but it can’t hurt. And it’s never a bad time to practice smiling!

4. Spend time with your pets. Animals love their humans, flaws and all. It is amazing what a little love and affection from your favorite ball of fur can do.

5. Last but not least, the most important rule of all is to learn to accept yourself for who you are. Everyone was created with their own uniqueness and talents. So embrace yourself! Being happy with who you are is the first step to a healthy life.

Caitlin Wolfarth is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and