Every Student Has a Story: Chris Miller

Every Student Has a Story: Chris Miller

Meredith Haggerty, In-Depth Editor

Every two weeks, the Patriot will randomly pick a student from the directory, find out more about his or her life, and prove that every student has a story.

When St. Margaret School needed a JC student to help tutor students, junior Chris Miller stepped up to the plate. Although the tutoring could take anywhere from days to weeks, Miller decided to help keep the younger students from failing.

Miller spends a day a week tutoring students at St. Margaret School. Miller began helping out with the students for his ministry in confirmation freshman year, but he enjoyed helping the students so much he continues to go back every week.

“I enjoy tutoring because it is easy and fun. I work with a couple of kids and basically just help them if they need help. I show them ways of getting an answer and practice studying and testing habits,” Miller said.

From math to science and a variety of other class, Miller helps out in any way that he can. The most common class that Miller tutors in is math. He likes the satisfaction that he gets when he helps a student find an easier answer to a tough problem.

 “I get there around three o’clock. We go up to the library and Mrs. Sullivan says who I am going to be working with for the day, and then I introduce myself and they introduce themselves. I just talk to them and see what they need help on. They will explain what their problem is and I will show them tricks to working stuff out easier,” Miller said.

“Tutoring has helped me to better refine my teaching skills, and it has made me able to better explain things,” Miller said. “I have learned to articulate myself better and create a simpler way to explain a difficult concept.”

Miller enjoys giving back to his middle school by helping out students that need help in any subject, and he plans to continue this until he graduates high school.

Although he is tutoring kids now, Miller does not plan on becoming a teacher in the future. “It just feels really good to be able to help someone out and know that you are helping them,” Miller said.

Meredith Haggerty is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.