Kelly Kakes take the win

Photo courtesy Kelly Foulk

Junior Kelly Foulk possesses a secret talent for doing intricate frosting designs on cakes. Foulk started using to advertise and sell her award-winning cakes online.

Junior Kelly Foulk waits anxiously for the winners to be announced. She tries to stay calm while the judges pick the winners, but as the seconds tick by it becomes more of a challenge. The judges are finally done tallying the scores.

In those seconds before the winner is announced, Foulk reflects on how much effort she has put into her cake and how great it has turned out.

Foulk used two new techniques on her cake, a brush embroidery and ruffled flower sides. The cake was a blush rose pink, two tier cake. The first tier was covered in fondant with a leaf design. The second tier was completely covered in the ruffled flowers.

Foulk’s name is called, and her cake is announced the winner, making this Foulk’s fifth Harford County Farm fair win.

“I love to win. It is so much fun to see a cake win and to see how good it turned out,” Foulk said.

Foulk has been creating and decorating cakes for over three years now. She first got into it by watching her mom decorate cakes.

“It was always fun to watch my mom bake cakes and to bake cakes with her,” Foulk said.

Then, Foulk started to bake cakes on her own using the cake kits that they sell at craft stores. The first cake she made was a simple icing cake, but then on her second cake she started to use more advanced cake decorating materials like fondant, a sugar and water paste used to make and decorate candy and cake.

Last year Foulk started to sell and enter her cakes in competitions. Foulk even has an unofficial title for her cakes, A Kelly Kake.

“My first really good cake was a cake that looked like Splash Mountain, the water ride in Disney World,” Foulk said.

Kelly Foulk Cake picture for web- Isoldi
Junior Kelly Foulk poses with a cake of her own creation. Foulk entered her cakes into competitions, such as the cake decorating contest at the Harford County Farm Fair.

Since Foulk started to enter her cakes in competitions and sell them to people, she has profited from the cakes.  According to Folk, “The price really depends on the cake, but an average cake is usually between $50 to $60.”

When Foulk enters her cakes in contests, like the one at the Harford County Farm Fair which was held July 31st through August 3rd, only the winner gets to profit from the cake. The winner of the contest gets their cake auctioned off to the highest bidder, which can be anywhere in between $150 to $1,000.

The most money Foulk has profited from a single cake was one that sold for $450 to a private company called the Backyard Boys. The cake was a simple design. It was a one tier fondant cake with pink roses on it.

Foulk bases her cake prices on the amount of materials and time that it took her to make the cake.

“I can make a buttercream cake in about 3-4 hours, but if I’m making a cake for a competition it can take a couple of days,” Foulk said.

Foulk doesn’t always sell her cakes though. Sometimes Foulk will donate her cakes to charity events.

Foulk also has an account on,  where she has sold cake products. She has sold fondant cake toppers that are shaped like Olaf, the snowman from the movie “Frozen.”

“The cake toppers are cute and fun to make. They cost $20 and so far 10 people have bought them online,” Foulk said.

Foulk plans on continuing her cake business and hopes to expand it. She wants it to grow and develop into something even bigger.

According to Foulk, “The hard part is the time aspect of it. I just am so busy with school and other things that it is hard to find time for cake decorating.”

“I love cake decorating, and plan on continuing my cake decorating and hopefully making it a bigger business,” Foulk said.

Kristen Isoldi is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and