Advisories reach out during holidays

Advisories reach out during holidays

Social studies teacher Jake Hollin and his advisees sort products that they collected to donate the troops for the Adopt-a-Troop Campaign. Hollin’s advisory also donated food and toys to a family in Baltimore.

Sarah Kearby, Lifestyles Editor

Everyone knows the holidays are about more than just presents, lights, and cookies. The holiday season is the time for giving, and certain advisories have taken the true spirit of the holidays to heart by serving others this season.

Social studies teacher Jake Hollin and his advisory not only contribute to school wide charities but also volunteer outside of school. They collected cans for the Harford County Food Drive and donated toys and food to a needy family in Baltimore City.

“Right now we are doing the Adopt-a-Troop Campaign for Christmas, gathering items to send to our brave military men and women – trying to give back a little something to those who have given so much to us,” Hollin said.

Last year, his advisory also volunteered at Sharing Table, a soup kitchen in Edgewood, and collected Christmas gifts for an adopted family through the Mason Dixon program.

“It just feels really good to give back,” senior and member of Hollin’s advisory Megan Cunningham said.

Not only does Hollin “believe it is important to give and serve others” but also he has noticed that because “we [his advisory] serve together, we have gotten closer as a group.”

English teacher Eric Sutton and math teacher Jean Willan’s advisories have also teamed up for the past two years to Adopt-a-Family around Christmas time.

Willan has adopted families for 16 years both in and outside of school.

“I just feel that it’s important and I encourage my students to take part each year,” Willan said.

“I love shopping for little kids and I still love receiving presents on Christmas, so to be able to share that excitement around the holidays is a great opportunity,” junior and member of Sutton’s advisory Joe Novak said. Sutton’s advisory has already gotten a bike for the little girl in their Adopt-a-Family this year.

Enhance teacher Ann Drummey’s advisory also gives back by supporting Anna’s House. Anna’s House is a shelter for women and children in Harford County. Last year Drummey’s advisory made and filled stockings for the residents of Anna’s House, but this year they are changing it up by making blankets for the playrooms.

Freshman Morgan Broman’s favorite part of making the blankets “is just knowing I am helping someone else.”

Drummey tries to include every member of her advisory in supporting Anna’s House. “I think it is important for students to realize that others may not have some of the advantages that they do. Sometimes it is a simple gesture that can have an enormous impact on someone else,” Drummey said.

Hollin also mentioned that with busy schedules, finding time for charity can be a difficult task. “Everyone is so busy nowadays that it is hard to get together and to organize stuff for everyone. You just have to be flexible and try to have as many people as you can be involved,” Hollin said.

Even though it is difficult to get 100 percent participation from all of the advisees, Sutton says that “giving is what this time of year is really about.”

Sarah Kearby is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and