Best of 2012: Top 10 most memorable moments countdown

Best of 2012:  Top 10 most memorable moments countdown

10. March for Life

150 students attended the March for Life on Jan. 23. Students wore matching scarves to signify unity. (See Photo Gallery)

9. Basketball Championships

Both men’s and women’s varsity teams won championships in their divisions. Miranda Ripken and Jarred Jones, both class of ‘12, scored their 1,000 career point marks in the 2011-2012 season. (See Photo Gallery)

8. Spring Break Abroad

Over spring break, students and teachers traveled overseas to England, Scotland, and Italy. The England and Scotland trip was led by guidance counselor Larry Hensley and English teacher Christine Zurkowski and students visited places like Stratford upon Avon and Stonehenge. Spanish teacher Danica Attanasio and English teacher Nicholas Attanasio led the Italy trip. The group visited places like Rome and Pompeii.

7. Jane Michael: Teacher of the Year

At the annual senior awards assembly on May 30, Spanish teacher Jane Michael was named JC’s teacher of the year. Michael has taught at JC for over 30 years and has been in charge of the annual Spanish Exchange program with the Enfantes School in Toledo, Spain, for over 15 years.

6. STEM Program

The Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) program started in the 2012-2013 school year. This program is currently only offered to freshmen and will be phased in until it is offered to all students. (See Photo Gallery)

5. Bomb Threat

In October, JC and three other schools in the area were faced with a bomb threat. Since then, JC has made lockdown and bomb drills a priority. (See Photo Gallery)

4. Singin’ in the Rain

The weekend of Nov. 1-4, the JC Theatre Department made it rain, literally. The production of “Singin’ in the Rain” was like any other JC show until the end of the first act, when rain began to fall onto Don Lockwood, played by senior Thomas Gardner. The rain thrilled audiences and cast and crew members alike, though it was challenging to work behind the scenes. The Theatre Department proved, once again, that it knows how to put on a show.

3. Football team makes it to championship after 9 years

JC’s football team went to the championship this year, although they didn’t win. The last time the football team won the championship was in 2003. (See Photo Gallery)

2. Japanese students visit

115 Japanese students from LaSalle High School in Hakodate, Japan came to JC in December. These male students shadowed JC students for a week and amazed students and faculty with their musical talents. (See Photo Gallery)

1. Exams before Christmas

For the first time, midterm exams took place before Christmas break. There was less stress over the holiday season and time after break to tie up any loose ends students may have had with grades. Students were able to focus on the holidays instead of cramming for exams that usually loomed overhead. Exams before Christmas break proved to be beneficial to most.