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Formspring stirs drama

Taylor Hooper

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“You are so ugly and I can’t believe he would choose YOU.”

Welcome, you have joined a new confidence-crushing website called Formspring. Formspring is a website where you can have your own profile and random people can comment anonymously. On this popular site, people’s self-confidence is crushed, profanity is used fluently, and more drama is born.

High school is brutal enough with all of the gossip and back stabbing, so why join yet another website that fuels the cruelty?

Formspring has attracted over 16.3 million people in March up from 7.5 million in January. This is said to be the one of the fastest growing sites on the Web.

Sophomore Courtney Shaw said, “I don’t understand the point of the website or why I joined it in the first place.”  Shaw was just one of the many victims to be burned by this hot site.

Not only does this site make people feel terrible when they are online at home, but the comments are constantly on their mind and can affect their overall attitude.

An anonymous freshman said, “I felt terrible about myself and self-conscious because of the ‘you’re ugly’ comments.”

Although most of the feedback from users of this site is negative, there are some who think this website is fine and “just another cool way to stay in touch.”  They also say that some people leave nice comments like “You’re really pretty.” Sure these comments are sweet, but wouldn’t you still like to know who wrote them?

Constantly worrying about who wrote what about you is not healthy. Formspring is like a drug: addicting and bad for you.

Taylor Hooper can be reached for comment at [email protected]

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Formspring stirs drama