Decorations on entranceway not considered vandalism

Alex Bahr, Copy Editor

Early Thursday morning, SAC Treasurer Trent Shaw was interrupted mid-count of homecoming court ballots. Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller requested that Shaw either find the person responsible for the blue balloons and streamers adorning the entranceway of JC, or clean up the mess himself.  And so Shaw went out and cleaned it up.

When questioned about his reaction to the alleged vandalism, Vierheller said “It was not really vandalism—there was no damage. I just saw it driving into school this morning and decided to have them pick it up before the weather got too bad.”

Shaw was not concerned with the incident either. “It was a creative idea, and it wasn’t that bad to clean up,” said Shaw.

While the decoration of the sign was not a huge issue in itself, Vierheller confessed that he wanted it cleaned up mainly because of the blue color. “Had it been yellow,” Vierheller said, “I wouldn’t have minded.”

According to Vierheller, it seems that the only problem with the traditional senior and junior class colors of green and blue is that they represent something other than JC. It doesn’t make sense to Vierheller that we continue to decorate our cars and school campus with the green of North Harford and the blue of Bel Air.

Vierheller said, “Here we are, John Carroll, advertising Bel Air colors at the entrance. It’s really just image more than anything. Let’s get past this color thing and get back to celebrating John Carroll.”

Alex Bahr can be reached for comment at [email protected].