Headlines You Missed: Week of Oct. 12th

Collin Hoofnagle, News Editor

Every week, “The Patriot” scours the web to bring you headlines from around the world. Please note that no original reporting is involved. Feel free to discuss these stories at the bottom of the page.

Boston, Massachusetts – A 24 year-old musician put his soul up for sale on eBay, hoping that someone would go for the $6,000 asking price. Erik Angra said on the eBay listing that his soul was “clean and free of liens and satanic rituals. Very playful soul. Curious, yet wise.” A Canadian eBay user offered $666 dollars for the soul. Angra counter-offered with $1,600 and offered to fly to Canada so the buyer himself could remove the soul. The potential buyer did not respond, and the post was deleted from eBay as the site requires products to be “tangible.”

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Winter Park, Florida – City commissioners passed an approval that will charge dog owners for using a community dog park. Owners will be charged a onetime fee of $75 for one dog and $50 for each additional dog. Daily passes to the dog-park will cost $5, but they will not be available for purchase at the park itself. The Park and Recreation Department estimates that the fees will bring in $43,000 a year.

Read more at wesh.com.

Brownsville, Texas – A 101-year-old Mexican immigrant will finally become a U.S. citizen after illegally crossing the Rio Grande as a baby with her mother in 1909. Eulalia Garcia Maturey just recently decided to pursue citizenship. Luckily, she was able to apply for citizenship with the help of a 69-year-old “Certificate of Lawful Entry” card issued to her in 1941, as part of the Alien Registration Act during World War II. Because of that card, government officials were able to track down documents regarding Maturey in archives in Washington. Elena Garcia-Upson, a public affairs officer with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says that without the card, Maturey never would have been granted citizenship.

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