Assembly speeds up annual raffle

Assembly speeds up annual raffle

Senior Mat Miller and sophomore Austin Markley race to the finish line atop horses with wheels. The horse race was part of the annual raffle kick-off assembly.

Meg Kirchner, Reporter

The annual JC raffle that will benefit updating the school’s wireless network  kicked off on Monday, Feb. 7 with a school-wide assembly.

“Proceeds this year will help to underwrite the significant cost of upgrading the schools’ wireless network,” Director of Development Laura Lang said.  The wireless will be upgraded so that the Internet will run faster and the connection will stay consistent throughout the school.

“I think it’s a great idea [to upgrade the wireless,]” Director of Technology Greg Russell said.  “Every student and a large number of the faculty use it on a daily basis.”

The raffle’s theme, “A Need For Speed,” was incorporated into the kick-off assembly as faculty and students faced off in a bouncing horse race with principal Paul Barker acting as the announcer.

“It has the potential to be the most embarrassing moment of my life, but I will have fun trying to avoid that,” senior Kelly Vaughn said regarding her participation in the race.

President Rick O’Hara took the floor and encouraged students to get involved with the raffle, using horse racing puns to the amusement of the student body.

“His speech was so funny,” sophomore Morgan Jones said.

After O’Hara’s speech, dates to the Sadie Hawkins dance were auctioned off, where sophomore Austin Markley was sold for the highest bid of $30.

This assembly was held to excite the student body. However, competition will also play a role in the raffle.

“It will be advisor vs. advisor and, with fewer students, it should be easier for advisory groups to reach 100 percent,” Lang said.

Already 19 percent of the student body has turned in their raffle books, which brings JC closer to the 90 percent mark that earns everyone a day off.

The raffle will run until Friday, Feb. 23.

“I hope everyone participates in the raffle and comes together to be the JC community,” Russell said.

Meg Kirchner is a reporter for “The Patriot” and