Admin strays from slashing Spring Break as result of snow

Admin strays from slashing Spring Break as result of snow

Taylor Hooper

Snow collects on the courtyard. As a result of using too many snow days, JC must now take one holiday away.

Chioma Iheoma, Contributing Writer

After six snow days were used up, the administration reviewed the calendar to find holidays to take away.

While it may have been nice to take a break from school, “state law says we need a minimum of days,” Principal Paul Barker said.  That minimum of school days attended is 170.

The school year allocates for five snow days, and one of those were used to let students and teachers attend the funeral of former religion teacher Jackie Moeser.

As a result of the one-day deficit, Tuesday, February 22 will now be a normal school day.

The administration is trying to avoid taking days away from spring break because 70 students and seven teachers, which is 10 percent of the student body and 10 percent of the faculty, will be gone due to spring break trips abroad.

According to Barker, snow days have “gone into the negative” before, but “if we can make it through the next two weeks, we’re safe.”

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