New SAC officers chosen for upcoming school year

New SAC officers chosen for upcoming school year

Junior Adam Kuester delivers his speech for the SAC elections. Kuester ran against junior Maria Edwards for the position of Senior Class President.

Sarah Kearby, Layout Editor

The rising senior class voted junior Maria Edwards to be their class president, junior Nick Henninger to be their class vice president, and junior Maggie Cassidy to be their member at large.

Edwards and Cassidy had help with their campaigns. Juniors Talia Kahoe and Lydia Profili made posters and hung them up all over the school for Edwards, while Maggie Cassidy’s friend junior Christie Macdonald wore a sign on her back the day before the election.

Henninger had a more straightforward campaign.  “My campaign strategy was to have a positive campaign and to tell people exactly what I’d do if I was elected so they could make a knowledgeable decision,” Henninger said.

Rodney Johnson, SAC moderator, thought this year’s campaign was “lively.”

“It was good to actually see interest in what the students were doing,” Johnson said.

The newly elected president, vice president, and member at large all have similar goals for next year. “I plan to help the senior class have a good prom, after prom, and variety show, and make sure they have funding,” Cassidy said.

“I plan to listen to other people and implement their ideas in any way I can,” Edwards said.

“I hope the campaign efforts transfer to the work they [Edwards, Henninger, and Cassidy] plan on doing next year,” Johnson said. He also hopes to increase student spirit, plan more student activities that students want to attend, and contribute positively to the community.

While the class election ballot was full with at least eight candidates running for three positions, the SAC ballot was a bit more scarce, which is similar to past years, according to Johnson.

“People just choose not to run,” Johnson said, “We haven’t had a contested election since 2004.”

Senior Allison Siegel ran unopposed last year and Erin Hanratty, class of ’10, ran unopposed two years ago just as junior Callie Hentz ran unopposed for president of the SAC this year.

Junior Sara Turks also ran unopposed this year for vice president of the SAC. Votes were unnecessary for these positions. The secretary of the SAC will be appointed either at the end of this year or in September of next year, according to Johnson.

Sarah Kearby is a layout editor for The Patriot and