Single vehicle flips over guardrail outside of JC, driver taken to local hospital for treatment

Brianna Glase, Managing Editor

A woman about 40-50 years old drove off of Route 22 and flipped over the guardrail outside of JC at 1:13 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 5, according to Bel Air police.

The Bel Air Police Department arrived on the scene to find that a single vehicle had left the roadway without striking any other vehicles, according to Officer Alex McComas and Corporal Mike Clymer.

“It appears as though the driver fell asleep at the wheel,” McComas said.

According to Clymer, the driver was conscious and talking after the accident.  She was taken to a local area hospital.  The car is in the process of being towed away and taken to a local storage yard.

According to Principal Madelyn Ball, one of the lanes on Route 22 is closed due to the accident.

Some students were perturbed upon hearing that traffic was impeded by the accident.  “I felt kind of annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to get home in time,” senior Ana Beain said.

Brianna Glase is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and